BeeHelpful: Solving the dying honeybee issue

3 startups, 3 regions, 390,000 Swiss francs for a ‘historic’ final

BeeHelpful won CHF130.000 from Venture Kick

The current world’s honeybee crisis affects agriculture as well as the economy. Because of diseases, parasites and pesticides bees are dying and the human food chain production is at risk. The Lugano based startup BeeHelpful designs, produces and sells new bee hives and bee managing solutions, which can help beekeepers and governments solve the dying honeybee issue. Their product, a new hive solution called ‘PrimalBee System’, induces new advantages to honeybee colonies. It also means less effort for bee owners and results in cost savings. To grow new bee generations, it requires thermal energy. Whereas in conventional hives the thermal energy loss is enormous, the new hive tunes the thermal control. BeeHelpful’s patented solution went through field tests in Switzerland, Italy and Israel and it is now going to be tested in the USA. In June 2017, they’re going to start the hive series production. Gianmario Riganti, co-founder and CEO of BeeHelpful, is very happy about the great achievement: ‘Venture Kick’s support is fundamental for BeeHelpful to scale up on the next year providing then an advantaging solution for the worldwide food chain’.

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