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1. Via C. Maderno 24 6900 Lugano – Switzerland BeeHelpful SA home of the Tel:+41 33 533 08 87 - buzz@PrimalBee.com - PrimalBee.com 1 / 6

5. Via C. Maderno 24 6900 Lugano – Switzerland colony external feeding, then a superior honey box is used as an additional top cover and to shelter the feeding jar if present, and then another top cover lies as final closure. A geometrical profile and a safety strap ensure each part against accidental movements. Such configuration will successful overwinter a colony in most regions of the planet 4 . The top cover with a hole could be used as escape board. 5 Conclusion PrimalBee ® System application increase honeybee colonies quality, their harvesting capabilities, and honey farms' profit, opening new perspective to chemical reduction and management efforts. We have achieved the awareness that PrimalBee ® System is a stable and ultimate solution to the problems that have been affecting the honeybees and the modern beekeeping industries for decades. BeeHelpful SA is ready to support beekeepers all over the world. We look forward to any further positive collaboration and development. Thanks for reading. The BeeHelpful Team Contact us at: email: buzz @primalbee.com Tel:+41 33 533 08 87 4 BeeHelpful Alaska test: more top insulation should be provided in extreme cold and long winter climate. Tel:+41 33 533 08 87 - buzz@PrimalBee.com - PrimalBee.com 5 / 6

3. Via C. Maderno 24 6900 Lugano – Switzerland 4 Beehelpful solution: PrimalBee ® System PrimalBee ® System is a totally redesigned hive, allowing the colony to increase its yield. Superior colony performance and beekeeper's profit are secured thanks to a hive design that leads to never explored thermodynamic performance. PrimalBee ® System is completely passive, there are no cooling, warming, electronic or mechanical devices at all. 4.1 Beehelpful research concepts Thanks to the last twelve years of BeeHelpful R&D activities, the following concepts are now global novelties for beekeeping business and literature: 1. Hive shape and material matter in colony development and performances. 2. Thermodynamic hive efficiency metrics drive colony population dynamics. 3. Definition of a threshold parameter to measure hive efficiency. 4. Hive thermodynamic parameters affect parasite infestation and brood diseases. 4.2 Beehelpful research uniqueness Standard researches were almost always made using the same Langstroth/Dadant hive and with a biological approach focused only upon biological and genetic bee characteristics. The role of the hive in colony development has always been neglected, hence losing a whole range of observations. BeeHelpful R&D focused on previously unobserved and never designed configurations with a brand new methodology and metrics: 1. Skip the standard hive design and test new nest shapes by a multidisciplinary optimization approach. 2. Find a stable, scalable, economical valuable and eco-sustainable solution 2 . 3. Define a scientific methodology to measure hive thermodynamic performance. 4. Classify any existing hive with the previous defined methodology. 5. Define a theoretical threshold parameter and verify its value on the field. 6. Dismiss all existing hives, because they are all below the threshold parameter value that positively affect the colony dynamic. 2 Long before the actual vogue to retrofit, sensorization, IOT devices and AI capability application to existing hives. Tel:+41 33 533 08 87 - buzz@PrimalBee.com - PrimalBee.com 3 / 6

2. Via C. Maderno 24 6900 Lugano – Switzerland 1 BeeHelpful SA BeeHelpful SA is a Swiss company, with principal place of business in Lugano, via Maderno 24, Ticino, Switzerland, EU. BeeHelpful produces and sells PrimalBee ® System, a new patented honeybee hive, and high quality services to honey farms and pollination companies worldwide. Our services range from on site consultancy in Customer's apiaries to remote metric collection and data analysis. The company has been founded back in 2017, after more than twelve years of R&D. R&D focused on testing a theory about the interactions among honeybees, parasites, hive and environment. A unique knowledge of the honeybee population dynamic was achieved. BeeHelpful has been the first in the world proving the following fact: " Honeybee colony development, performance and diseases are highly affected by hive design, much more than everybody expected ". A whole new set of hive types has been designed and tested in Switzerland, Italy, Israel and Alaska since 2006, and the first industrial prototypes were built in 2011. A patented industrialized improved version, PrimalBee ® System, has been in the fields since 2017 1 and it is now ready to be delivered. 2 BeeHelpful mission BeeHelpful mission is to stop the honeybee decline worldwide, providing a stable, scalable solution to any beekeeper around the World. No matter if you are a big pollination company, a huge honey farm, or simply you love to produce your own honey: we simplify the whole process at bee advantage and then at beekeeper advantage as well. 3 Background: beekeeping critical operations As it is well known, the following critical factors affect profitability and scalability of beekeeping operations worldwide: 1 Increasing managing costs: 1.1 Parasite and disease management operations; most of them involving the use of chemical treatments and related risks for human consumption honey. 1.2 Just in time managing operations, critical execution time. 1.3 Need for frequent visits to the colonies, even more costly for remote apiaries. 2 Treatments resistant mites and parasites. 3 Harvest weather susceptibility, due to increasing weather extreme climatic conditions. 4 Unpredictable colony loss risk. 5 Specialized workforce required. 6 High volume artificial feeding, even during the blossom time: 6.1 Sugar syrup; many markets routinely test for sugar adulteration in honey. 6.2 Pollen packages to increase performance are used more often than before. 7 Poor hardware quality. 1 Switzerland, Italy, Israel, California, Alaska Tel:+41 33 533 08 87 - buzz@PrimalBee.com - PrimalBee.com 2 / 6

4. Via C. Maderno 24 6900 Lugano – Switzerland 4.3 PrimalBee ® System performances Here a short list of PrimalBee ® System achievements: 1. Double size colony population, respect to standard hive. 2. Reduce varroa mite infestation ratio. 3. Increase flight activity up to three times, resulting in more nectar harvesting and/or pollination capability. 4. Stabilize colony loss to 10%, at steady state. 5. Improve performance by 300%, accordingly to thermodynamic hive parameter. 6. Compatible with management techniques and standard treatments. 7. Reach performances with formic acid treatment only. 8. Reduce management time by 70% . 9. Reduce artificial feeding drastically. Colony only needs 2-4 kg/year/hive syrup, at steady state and far from blossoming season. In some climate no artificial feeding at all. 10. Stop brood diseases. Since 2011 no brood diseases at all have been detected in usually well infested locations. 11. Extend artificial swarming production season. 12. New selective capability process. 13. Replicable worldwide. Successful tests were made in hot Israel desert, European plain and high cold Alps pastures. 14. Convenient for commercial beekeeper operations, due to the colonies stabilization, enhanced productivity, reduced management time and optimized handling 3 . 15. Apt for beginners as well as for junior beekeepers, due to a quick learning curve and robust results. 4.4 PrimalBee ® System, hardware description The honeybee nest is the core of the system. It accommodates up to eight new shape nest frames, which are completely removable for possible inspections. The special size beeswax nest foundation has a 4.9 mm cell size. A full nest developed colony could have the equivalent of sixteen Langstroth brood frames surface. A customizable bottom board is available according to different beekeeper's needs. As usual, super honey boxes are placed over the nest for honey production, but no queen excluder is required; the queen almost never climbs up to the first super because of optimal thermodynamic setup. Langstroth frames are used into the super honey box and no changes or modifications are required to extraction equipment. Winter configuration, nicknamed " The Kit ", has a strong feature ( see picture ) and is the basic hardware the beekeeper needs to start a colony: the nest is closed by a top cover with an upper hole for 3 Four PrimalBee ® System hives fit on a standard pallet for transportation. Tel:+41 33 533 08 87 - buzz@PrimalBee.com - PrimalBee.com 4 / 6 PrimalBee System: The Kit


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