Work less get more

PrimalBee System rarely requires inspection

Innovative technology and expertise

PrimalBee System: less chemicals and much more Honey

More bees on field

PrimalBee System dissipates 5 times less energy, meaning less honey consumption to keep the hive warm in winter and fresh in summer

Breakthrough Innovation

The techniques used in beekeeping are 100 years old, except the chemical development who strongly improved from ’60 to ‘80. Other solution strategy resulted inapplicable after 30 year research efforts made by large research center (USDA, ALP).



Our solution is capable to definitely solve the dying honey bee problem.

The honey bee crisis heavily affects agriculture economy by more than 50% of food value. Beekeepers, Agriculture and Governments are highly expecting a stable solution. The standard chemical based solutions aren’t providing cost effectiveness neither. We want to avoid the lack of profitability of the pollination/beekeepers/food chain. BeeHelpful designs, produces and sells PrimalBee  System hives worldwide, the bee managing solution.

PrimalBee System  vs Competitors

PrimalBee fully featured system against standard hives

PrimalBee System  vs Competitors

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