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BeeHelpful SA - Lugano TI - Switzerland

We developed and sells worldwide a new patented hive that redesigns the beekeeper economy, saves the honeybees and sets a new standard.

Primalbee System induces a lot of advantages to honeybee colonies. The new hive is passive and cost effective and is the solution to the bee crisis, in conjunction or not with other methods.

Beehelpful Team

Meet the Executive Team

Company team

Gianmario Ing. Riganti, CEO

Founder and chief visionary, Gianmario is a mechanical engineer and worked 12 years in an entrepreneur engineering consultancy. Right now is a teacher researcher at SUPSI and at DynaMat dynamic laboratory. He is a beekeeper since 2006.

Company team

Alessandro Gamberoni, CTO

Alessandro loves taking on challenges. Is a technical expert and worked 20 years as an entrepreneur, a machine tool designer and machine tool sub-contractor.
He is a beekeeper since 2006.


Primalbee Sytem by Beehelpful

R&D with honeybees since 2006:

  • Theory development on interactions as a whole between colony, hive and the environment field observations and tests

  • Different shapes functional prototypes development and multiple year long tests

  • Proof of concept, comparative metrics

  • Designed a new range of beehives accordingly to different climate condition worldwide

  • International IP policy, IP Based Landscape Analysis, PCT patent, Litigation insurance