PrimalBee System

Patented honeybee management system that redesigns the beekeeper economy, saves the honeybees and sets a new standard.

Primalbee hive
The PrimalBee® hive nest is the core of our revolutionary system
The surface area of the PrimalBee® nest has the equivalent of sixteen Langstroth brood frames! 

The PrimalBee® Standard Kit includes:

1 PrimalBee® Bottom Board, with replaceable net and white plastic tray

1 PrimalBee® Nest
No queen excluder is required! The thermodynamic interior design of the PrimalBee® hive results in a contented queen that stays on her brood frames

8 unique removable PrimalBee® Nest Frames
Precisely CNC machined, not wired

1 PrimalBee® Nest Cover with feeding hole and plug
This top cover can be used as an bee escape 

1 PrimalBee® Super
Our super is used in winter both as additional insulation as well as to protect a feeding jar.  If you already have traditional Dadant/Langstroth honey frames, you can use them in PrimalBee® Supers and continue to use your own honey-extraction equipment as well.  

1 PrimalBee® Top Cover

1 PrimalBee® Safety Strap
We provide a 5 meter nylon strap to tie around the parts to keep all in place and secure.

1 PrimalBee® Instruction Manual

With your first purchase, we suggest that you buy at least 2 more supers because you are going to have a LOT of honey with our system!

Hive Metrics

PrimalBee System performance

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