PrimalBee System

Beehelpful patented honeybee managing system that redesigns the beekeeper economy, saves the honeybees and sets a new standard.

Primalbee hive

Our product has distinguish and unique characteristics into the beekeeping industries.

Thanks to PrimalBee System our USP includes the following:


1. less managing cost (up to -70%)

2. less chemical (and improved formic acid efficacy all year round)

3. less colonies losses (10% in PrimalBee hive versus 25% to 90% in standard)

4. less requirement of artificial feeding (sugar syrup and pollen supply)


1. higher flight activities into a wider temperature range, thanks to the superior and certified thermodynamic PrimalBee System hive performance

2. higher pollination effectiveness (up to twice the standard hive)

3. more populated colonies (up to twice the standard)

4. more honey production, even in alpine pastures

5. healthier colonies, compatibility with organic protocols and our enhanced organic protocol

6. simplified management procedures for any kind of user


1. professional pollination companies

2. sideliners

3. hobbyist

4. organic beekeeper and fanatics

5. newbie in beekeeping

6. orchard owner, who could own their hives as PrimalBee System greatly simplify the beekeeper managing procedure.

PrimalBee system base kit  is made as follow:

  • 1 Bottom board

  • 1 PrimalBee nest

  • 8 PrimalBee nest frames

  • 8 beewax sheets

  • 1 top cover, with hole

  • 1 Langstroth/Dadant super

  • 1 top cover

  • 1 nylon strap

Primalbee hive

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PrimalBee System performance

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PrimalBee Metrics

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