Next Generation Beekeeping technology

Field-tested & approved since 2017

PrimalBee® Counter

PrimalBee® BeeCounter is unique IoT device sending in real time the hive flight activity to yourPrimalBee Advanced Analytics account.
The most important feature of all is how many foragers are working outside the hive to pollinate crops and harvest nectar.

As an orchard owner, you will know the quality of the pollinator service you are paying for, without inspect the hive on site.
As professional pollinator company, you will constantly check the efficiency of the colonies provided to your Customers.
As hobbyist beekeeper, you will know in real time what your Wonderful Yellow Ladies are doing.

With cloud based PrimalBee® BeeCounter and Hive analytics monitoring the activities and parameters inside and outside the hives has never been so easy.
Not only flight activity, but also:

- Nest temperature humidity and formic acid presence

- External temperature and humidity

- GPS location

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